Things to do at the Wildest part of Anywhere

Lubanzi offers a number of relaxing things to do within easy walking distance. If lolling in a hammock or reading on the beach is not your cup of tea, take a stroll to the Lubanzi caves and hunt for bats and pretty shells. Walk to the Mncwasa River Mouth and observe the local bird life. Cleanse your body and your soul in a little waterfall. Bring a surfboard and see if you can handle the Lubanzi break. Or just sit on the deck and watch the whales and dolphins play in the surf below ...

On a rainy day, just gather 4 people and learn how to play Wild Lubanzi Dog. Caution: it's highly addictive ...

girl playing poi at the beach near Lubanzirock formations at Lubanzi Beachsurfing the perfect lubanzi wave

Hiking Trails

Visit the famous Hole in the Wall! It is only 1 to 1 1/2 hours walk from Lubanzi. Plan a day tour to the Hole, have lunch at the hotel and a swim in the river. You can easily walk there by yourself, or you can hire a local guide.

hole in the wall, only 1h walk away from Lubanzihiking between Lubanzi and Bulungula with a local guidehike from Lubanzi to Bulungula

Hike to Coffee Bay or Bulungula. Both are about 4 to 5 hours walk away (either direction), and it's a fantastic way to see and experience the untouched beauty of the Wild Coast. You can do the hike on your own (with a friend - one person alone is not recommended) or you can book a guide. Let us know in advance if you need a guide, so we can organize one from Coffee Bay or Bulungula.

Trail Guide South Africa Hiking App


Download the fantastic Trail Guide Hiking App for free, and do the Central Wild Coast Hikes without a guide and without fear of getting lost! It's as simple as this: Download the free app. Search for "Central Wild Coast Hiking Trail". Mark the trail as a favourite, so it will be stored offline on your device. When starting your hike, call up the trail on your phone and simply follow the GPS track.

trail guide south africatrail guide south africatrail guide south africa
Currently available trails:
- Lubanzi to Bulungula
- Lubanzi to Hole in the Wall
- Mbolompo Beach Trail (Lubanzi)
Coming soon:
- Lubanzi to Coffee Bay
- Coffee Bay to Mdumbi

Download a printable black&white version of the map from Mdumbi to Coffee Bay to Hole in the Wall to Lubanzi to Bulungula!

hiking map from Mdumbi to Coffee Bay to Lubanzi to Bulungula

There are also 5 day hikes available from Port St. Johns to Coffee Bay, with an additional one or two day hike to Lubanzi and Bulungula, through Wild Side Hiking. Find contact details here.

Visit Lubanzi Village

You are free to roam the village as you please. Go visit the local people, learn about their culture and try the Xhosa beer in a shebeen (local bar). If you're lucky, there's a ceremony going on and you can be part of a Xhosa celebration ...

visiting a Xhosa familyXhosa women eating a meal at a ceremonyforeigners trying the locally brewed Xhosa beer


Lubanzi is within walking distance from the most famous fishing spot of the area, called Umbolompo point. You can basically deep sea fish straight off the rocks! Please only go fishing if you have a valid permit. Pull out shad, yellow tale, rock cod, mussel cracker or crayfish, and make sure to have a good stand or the fish will pull you in! You also need a permit to drive on the non-official tracks along the coast.

fising off the point at Lubanzi beachspearfishing in Lubanzifishing off the rocks just below the backpackers

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