Self-Catering Kitchen

The spacious self-catering kitchen is on the lowest level of the main house and offers a great communal braai area where spontaneous interactions have carried on till early hours in the morning. Inside the kitchen, there are 4 burners for cooking and almost everything for you to use, from cutlery, utensils and glassware to crockery, pots and pans. You are welcome to clearly mark and store your food on the shelves and in the fridge/freezer, but please note that there is limited space in the single fridge/freezer. Always leave the kitchen as you would like to find it and be considerate of the others sharing the space with you. Crums, dirty dishes and burners attract unwelcomed guests, therefore please wipe the areas clean and wash your dishes after use. There is dishwashing liquid and clothes available for your convenience. Should you prepare seafood, always throw any left over mussle shells, oyter shells, crayfish heads or waste and any other food waste back into the ocean. Never leave it in the compost bin, the rubbish bin or on the property!


Our toilets are on the main level of the main house. We use grey water and a manual flush system. Please make sure that the tap is completely closed before you leave, an entire tank of water can empty should the tap be left running. Always wash your hands before and after using the bathroom. There is surface cleaner available on the shelf to wipe down the doorknob and tap and other surfaces you touched to keep the person entering after you safe as the person who entered before you did the same to keep you safe. As we use stored water, always be considerate of water usage.


Our shower is very spacious, on the upper level of the main house and has the most beautiful view. While you shower, you can watch dolphins play in the waves or, if you are lucky, whales flapping their tales so that the ocean water splash high up in the air. Currently, there is only one hot communal shower at Wild Lubanzi, so please take your shampoo and other utensils with you when you leave and always wipe down all the surfaces you have touched.


We offer free Wi-Fi to all our guests. Before arrival you will receive a message via WhatsApp or email with the Wi-Fi code. Store this message somewhere safe in case we are not around when you try to logon to the WiFi.

Off the Grid

Wild Lubanzi is completely off the grid. We are running on a little solar system and power is limited. There is enough to charge phones and laptops but not enough for any sort of power tools or other machines. Also nothing with heating elements may be plugged in: no toasters, hairdryers, electric kettles or irons.
We are not on a public water line, so please be conscious and considerate in your usage of water.The winter months are dry and during that time water shortages may be expected.