Hiking the Central Wild Coast

Experience the beauty of nature on foot.

Visit the famous Hole in the Wall! It is only 1 to 1 1/2 hours walk from Lubanzi. Plan a day tour to the Hole, have lunch at the hotel and a swim in the river. You can easily walk there by yourself, or you can hire a local guide.

Hike to Coffee Bay or Bulungula. Both are about 4 to 5 hours walk away (either direction), and it's a fantastic way to see and experience the untouched beauty of the Wild Coast. You can do the hike on your own (with a friend - one person alone is not recommended) or you can book a guide. Let us know in advance if you need a guide, so we can put you in touch with one of our recommended local guides.

Download a printable hiking map from Mdumbi to Coffee Bay to Hole in the Wall to Lubanzi to Bulungula

Some stuff you should know before embarking on a Wild Coast hike

Make sure you book your accommodation and dinners a day or two ahead. These are small backpackers that don't have restaurants (with food on demand at any time of the day) but they do provide yummy meals on request, so let them know you will be having dinner with them!

Heavy luggage can be shuttled from one backpackers to the next - ask at reception for luggage transfers. They are free!

There are no shops on the hiking route - take a sandwich and some fruits with you for your hike. The only in-between place where you can get a meal is at Hole in the Wall Hotel. The backpackers will provide lunch packs on request (order the day before, please).

Take water with you. If you run out, you can ask at any local Xhosa hut for drinking water (usually rain water). "Ndicela amanzi" is the polite way to say "I request some water". But pointing at an empty water bottle and smiling will also do the trick.

You can hire a local guide if you don't want to walk by yourself. We recommend to walk with a friend at least, for personal safety. Ask the backpackers reception about booking a guide and rates.

The hikes are not very difficult, but there is quite a bit of uphill and downhill to contend with.

Check the tides! Each hike has a river crossing that can be difficult at high tide. You can find a tide table here - Coffee Bay Tides


For hikers we offer accommodation on a day-to-day basis. Please contact us for daily rates.


For the time being our restaurant is closed and we do not provide day-to-day meals. However, we do offer a limited choice of groceries for sale, for those who are not prepared. We also have an organic vegetable garden where you can source part of your dinner. You can also book a delicious homemade meal and Xhosa bread from Nomzi's Kitchen just across the hill. Nomzi and her family will either host you for dinner or bring the food to Wild Lubanzi, the choice is yours.